Here at HBX, we educate leaders who make a difference in the world, wherever they are. This means our community is quite expansive as we reach learners from all around the globe. Are you considering joining us for an HBX program and discovering how engaging our community can be? Here are a few things you might not know about the HBX Community:

We thrive on diversity

It's difficult to say what type of person takes an HBX program because we pride ourselves on having an incredibly rich and diverse learning community. In any given cohort, you will meet hundreds of people with wildly different backgrounds and benefit from their unique perspectives and life experiences. Past participants have included undergraduate students, bomb disposal technicians, museum curators, executives, airline pilots, entrepreneurs, lawyers, doctors, poets, and artists. 

At HBX, we firmly believe in the power of peer learning and think that the diversity within our cohorts fosters rich conversations and enhances the learning experience for our students. Regardless of your age, education level, or interests, your peers will be looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences as you move through the course together. You'll also find yourself learning from your peers about their different cultures, leadership styles, and professions.

Challenges are welcomed here

While HBX does not have a "type" of person who takes our programs, there is a collective attitude that drives HBXers to welcome new challenges and get outside their comfort zone. For many participants, simply registering for an online program through HBX is a significant step towards their personal and professional goals. For others, their experience with HBX – coupled with newfound knowledge and professional connections – catapults them into a new business venture or career trajectory that they never thought possible. 

If you are ambitious, motivated, and open-minded, you will find yourself at home among your peers at HBX. Every day, we encourage participants to think big and to push themselves a bit further towards their goals.

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We work as a team and win as a team

At HBX, our focus is not on course enrollment, but rather course completion; we want to see you finish a course successfully and transfer that new knowledge into your personal and professional life. From the HBX Engagement and Support teams to the other participants in your cohort, you'll find a responsive and helpful community to assist you and ensure you are having a fantastic learning experience every step of the way. Online learning can be a lonely endeavor if you are doing it by yourself, so we try to provide numerous avenues for connecting with your peers and strengthening your support network throughout the course. 

Participants learn from each other in the course platform, connect on social media, and often meet in person for self-organized study groups to form meaningful relationships and help each other stay on track. If you are doing well in the program, you can help others do well, too. While we love a dose of healthy competition, the goal is to cross the finish line together.

There is always time for fun

Yes, we expect the work to get done, but that doesn't mean we don't have fun along the way! HBXers (including the HBX faculty) have a great sense of humor that can be quite refreshing when you're feeling challenged in the course. HBX programs are rigorous and life can get busy, so it's nice to keep things light and share a laugh here and there. 

It's not uncommon to find HBX jokes or memes in your cohort's private Facebook group, quirky applications of course concepts to our daily lives, and shared news articles pointing out an innovative business solution.

Excellence is on the horizon

Designed with the user in mind, the HBX course platform was built with features that foster the same collaborative and social learning model that Harvard Business School students enjoy on campus. Wherever you are in the world, you can take advantage of our innovative learning platform and the HBS case-method pedagogy. For many people, HBX is only the beginning of their leadership journey. HBX participants are living proof that the future is bright and full of opportunities. You can check out our student stories to hear about the amazing things past participants are up to now. We are so excited to see the impact they make in the world.

The power of the HBX community grows stronger with each person who adds their unique perspective and pursuit of knowledge to the network of learners. We welcome you to join us for a transformative learning experience and see what the HBX Community is all about.

Brittany Moniz

About the Author

Brittany is a member of the Program Delivery and Engagement team at HBX. She leads community engagement efforts across HBX programs to ensure all participants and partners have a successful learning experience. Brittany holds a B.A. in Political Science and Communication from Westfield State University. In her free time, you can find her volunteering, traveling, and organizing events.