Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen

Open enrollment for individuals

Strengthen your capacity to make innovation a reality;
Unlock your potential to create winning strategies.

Join us in HBX Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen, newly designed for individual learners. Together, we’ll forge a new path in online learning as you accelerate your career.

Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen will help you:

  • Become fluent in disruption theory and gain confidence in articulating complex viewpoints
  • Apply strategic frameworks to assess new opportunities and potential threats
  • Acquire techniques for executive-level strategy formulation and team management
  • Discover your next big idea by learning from other participants on HBX’s social course platform

Disruptive Strategy provides leaders with an immersive learning environment that emphasizes engagement and application, featuring: multimedia case studies, debates, assessment questions, and personal reflections.

Disruptive Strategy is designed to deliver a high impact experience that fits into a busy schedule, requiring only 30 hours over the course of six weeks.

Who would benefit from taking Disruptive Strategy?

Disruptive Strategy is intended for entrepreneurs and business professionals across all industries that have approximately 10 years or more of business experience. The subject matter for Disruptive Strategy is better suited for those that are more seasoned in their professional careers or who have started companies, versus those that are just starting out, so that they may successfully apply what they have learned to their own role, organization, or next career move.

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HBX Disruptive Strategy is also available for organizations that are seeking to address their most pressing strategic challenges. 

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