Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen

HBX Disruptive Strategy is an engaging and interactive online learning experience, allowing you to deep dive into practical strategic theories and frameworks from one of Harvard Business School’s greatest minds.

This high-impact course incorporates short video lectures, HBS-style case studies, and active learning. You experience the course at your own pace, wherever and whenever is most convenient for you, while sharing insights with your peers along the way.

HBX Disruptive Strategy is now offered in two ways:

  • For Organizations

    Work together with a team from your organization to identify a solution to your most pressing strategic challenge or opportunity.

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  • For Individuals

    Become the next great innovator by gaining confidence in your strategic plans.

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Clayton Christensen is the Harvard Business School faculty author of Disruptive Strategy and is regarded as one of world’s top experts on disruption, innovation, growth, and strategy.
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