HBX Courses

Like most business leaders, you address an unprecedented amount of change. From identifying and responding to potential disruptions to setting expectations, you make the decisions that define opportunity and deliver growth for your organization.

HBX Courses, a series of unique online learning programs from Harvard Business School, is being developed by leading faculty to help you and your team address the changing business world in which you work.

Designed to produce actionable results, the programs are flexible, scalable and help you:

  • Develop effective business thinking and skills across your team;
  • Build a common language and shared understanding;
  • Use proven frameworks and tools to tackle challenges for immediate impact;
  • Introduce real-world case studies and a new way of thinking.

The first course, Disruptive Strategy with Clayton Christensen, launched in 2014 and focuses on encouraging innovation and establishing a framework for making strategic business decisions. Future courses are under development to meet the training and development needs of your organization.